It has been some time since I shared on my car fuel consumption performance. I have device a new method of computing the fuel consumption. What I do now is to pump a fix value each time, in this case, I always pump 26.04 liter. This value is based on RM50 @ RM1.92/Liter. For each of the fueling instances on the x-axis, I pump 26.04 liter and drive the car till it’s empty, which is till the light comes up and the indicator go to the lowest, most of the time hitting E and below. Then I pump 26.04 liter again. I find that by doing this, the fuel consumption are pretty stable at the average of 14.5km/liter and a Standard Deviation of 0.59. My stock tires which are Goodyear RCT are going bald and I will be changing them soon. Currently I am eyeing on Continental Contact 2 or Michelin Preceda 2. The Tires manufacturer always claim that their tires safe fuel, etc.. well, I will be putting them to the test. I will compare the fuel consumption before and after the tire change. Since I will be changing all 4 tires at one go, it would be a good estimate to see if what the manufacturers claim are valid. Oh, by the way, instance 2 and 3 was Caltex Techron and the rest were Shell Super.

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  1. Yow Chuan Says:

    Your calculation looks interesting.

    I used a different way to calculate though.

    1) Pump full.

    2) Use as much as I want while making sure I keep track of the kilometres.

    3) Pump full again. The amount of money used divided with the kilometres covered.

    My Corolla in city-driving mode cost me close to 17 sen per km, while in highway mode cost me about 14.75 sen per km.

    Do you have an excel sheet for this program you are using? Cheers!

  2. kew Says:

    you mean do I have the raw data on Excel? yeap…

  3. mel Says:

    I just bought a Honda City iDSI 1.4 (A)early this year (2008). I’m so excited abotu the car and I’ve tested the fuel consumption of the car. So far, i’ve travelled 600km at a cost of RM80 (RM20 for 1st fill RM60 for 2nd fill of fuel). The mileage is 614km. technically, i used 41.67 litre of fuel to travel 600km, i.e at 14.40km/l using Primax3 by Petronas. i would say my trip is pretty fixed at 93% highway and 7% city. that is far from what i would expect, sth like 17km/l or maybe more. Could somebody tell me the reason why? is it because it is a new car and it is under running in condition? any tips to improve the fuel consumption? if possible, compare my car performance with other car model like Toyota VIOS 1.5 (A) or Proton Waja 1.6 (M) TQ

  4. kew Says:

    another major contributor to the fuel efficiency is the driver. You have to tap the accelerator lightly and let the car accelerate. if you press hard hard, it will consume much fuel. My office has a colleague who has a IDSI bought at the same time as mine. His fuel consumption is worst than mine at 12km/liter. He drives hard. I suggest you try pressing lightly and let the car accelerate.

    for me, I felt Vtec is powerful enough even when I tap the accelerator lightly. so my driving style have always been optimized.

  5. Kevin Says:


    probably u guys driving a lot on highway, for me 100% city drive, i can only get around 18cents/km compare to my wira or 22cents/km on average… but my car is still new la… less than 1k km only…

    i think for new car… have to let the engine run in first then the FC will improve…

  6. ng Says:

    i just bought honda city vtec,but dont know why just can travel for 363km with full tank fuel(RM75)..

    Highway i just go for 480km….why….anyone help me…?

    is it my car got problem…i heard my salesman told me that can go for 500km-600km….

  7. siti Says:

    hi all,
    does anyone know between vios and city which is having higher fuel consumption?

  8. SK Says:

    Hey, your FC is not vary much like mine ( I had once hit 16km/l but also had as low as 13.5km/l. In a full tank of petrol, about 36.5 liter (which is RM70 before the oil price hikes), my City is able to travel about 488km-520km, in which, 380km is at highway.

    #I’m from Taiping but currently staying in Penang.

  9. AdaRumah Says:

    My City Vtec can easily achieve 17-18km/litre on highway if I were to drive at a speed not exceeding 110km/h (KL-Penang). Above this, cannot expect anything beyond 17km/l.

  10. karim Says:

    my vios fc is around 16km/l, 60% city driving, 40% highways. use air cond all time,

  11. mrvx Says:

    same like me.. my honda city Vtec 2008 can go 17-18km/l.. just like u with speed between 90km – 100km

  12. Buddhika Says:

    Im abt to make a decision whether to go for a Honda Fit-aria / Toyota Vios. My key factor on this decision is the fuel consumption and I’ll b running 95% in city / traffic. Could any of you guys help me with an indication which one is the best in this aspect?

  13. kew Says:

    Hi Buddhika, you will not go wrong with Honda Fit, I have not regretted my decision one bit and it have a very good fuel consumption performance for me and my friends.