Probably My Last Update

August 31st, 2010

This is probably my last update as I have just sold my beloved car for the last 4 years. The car have been great and there were not a single ounce of regret purchasing the car. Well, except for the color, I love every bit of the car. The response was great, power on demand and handling was great. It was a very well design car. I am letting go the car to get an MPV, a locally assembled MPV called Alza from Perodua. I test drive the Alza and it is so far from the City, well, its an MPV after all, a low budget one. But it will do for me. I have driven the Toyota Altis and also Mercedes C200 and the feel was like the City. Those much more expensive cars just has more accessories and power, the drive was the same. I have loved the drive on my City much and currently rather reluctant to let it go. I can’t afford to keep both cars, so I had no choice.

Anyway, let me update the fuel consumption of the car. I lost the last 20k of fuel consumption recording due to my iPhone data got swipe off. Nevertheless, the average should not change much and points to 14.71 km/l. I have traveled 133 015 km and have been to all the States in the Peninsular Malaysia. If I would divide that by 48 months and then 30 days, I am travelling an average of 92.4km/day. That is a lot. The car was very well maintain and I am glad that I could let it go at a fair price even the car have such a high mileage. At 133k km and average of 14.71km/l, I have pumped an estimated 9043 liter of petrol over the past 4 years. That is just Amazing. If I have been driving other cars (eg. my previous Wira Aeroback) at 12.8km/l, I would have pumped 10392 liter, 1.3k liter more, and looking at the cost of fuel today, this car fuel efficiency have helped me to save $$$$.

I will no longer update this blog, well if I have time to compile all the service receipts, I can share the cost of maintaining the car in the past 4 years, giving the total cost of ownership assessment. However, looking at my current schedules, this is unlikely, unless there is some kind of divine intervention. I will however, be creating a new blog at for my new Alza, sharing the car fuel consumption performance and cost of ownership.

I hope the information provided here have been useful to those visited, good Night and good Bye. See you at My Alza.

May Fuel Consumption

June 19th, 2008


I have not been updating on the fuel consumption since early in the year, but I am still keeping tabs. Above is the latest fuel consumption figures up to May. The average is still hovering around 14.5km/l. It seams like since the last service, the km/l is trending up. But lets monitor how this goes. I will also compare between the previous service and this service to see if there are any difference in consumption. For the latest service, I have used my own Idematsu Fully Synthetic oil instead of Honda Service Center’s Vtec Fully Synthetic oil, which was reportedly to be Idematsu also.


It has been some time since I shared on my car fuel consumption performance. I have device a new method of computing the fuel consumption. What I do now is to pump a fix value each time, in this case, I always pump 26.04 liter. This value is based on RM50 @ RM1.92/Liter. For each of the fueling instances on the x-axis, I pump 26.04 liter and drive the car till it’s empty, which is till the light comes up and the indicator go to the lowest, most of the time hitting E and below. Then I pump 26.04 liter again. I find that by doing this, the fuel consumption are pretty stable at the average of 14.5km/liter and a Standard Deviation of 0.59. My stock tires which are Goodyear RCT are going bald and I will be changing them soon. Currently I am eyeing on Continental Contact 2 or Michelin Preceda 2. The Tires manufacturer always claim that their tires safe fuel, etc.. well, I will be putting them to the test. I will compare the fuel consumption before and after the tire change. Since I will be changing all 4 tires at one go, it would be a good estimate to see if what the manufacturers claim are valid. Oh, by the way, instance 2 and 3 was Caltex Techron and the rest were Shell Super.


Alex Allied have finished with his upgrade, and this is the part 2 of the series. Also, he has painted his car Bluish Silver White. Wish I have the cash to spend on my car, there are loads of things I want to do. Firstly, is to get a nice head unit with GPS, then a nice bodykit, next would be on the engine, and that would have to be after the warranty period expires. That’s my wish list for years to come.


Alex Allied have recently done up his audio system and have quite a detail sharing about it on his blog. Check it out.. Pretty awsome..