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My Alza Fuel Consumption Averages at 12.6km/l

Feb 6 2011

My Alza Fuel Consumption inches up to 12.6km/l from previous update of 12.5km/l.  There are virtually no change to the fuel consumption average. The Fuel consumption average that I plot on the graph as a red line is the average fuel consumption since day 1.  Since the last update, I had 7 pumps and had travelled over 3000 km.  The best Fuel Consumption performance was 17km/l with Shell Ron95 travelling on the Highway.  The worst was 10.4km/l with Caltex Ron95 city travelling.   In the last few fill, I have not been paying attention to the fuel consumption.  In addition, there were a list of problems with the car which I believe have a bit to do with the poor fuel efficiency of the car.

During the 10k service, I complaint about Squeaking sound that the Perodua Service Center note to be due to Air Condition problem and electrical problem.  I also ask them to rotate the tyre and perform balancing.  Right after that, I went onto the Hwy and found that at high speed 110km/h, the steering vibrates.  I went back to Perodua Service Center and they said that this is because the balancing that they did were for low speed and they do not do high speed balancing.  Nevertheless, they re-look into the problem and it still persist.  The electrical problem causes the car meter to go off and on again during idling. In addition, the A/T indicator were on much longer than usual.  The service center found the problem to be due to Battery and they changed a new battery for me.  The Air Condition problem were not fix as the service center said they are ringing in the air condition for warranty.

For Mobil and Caltex, this is only one data point and I plan to take at least 30 data point to compare with the usual Shell Ron 95 that I use.  Therefore, it is too early to make any conclusion.  Many MyAlza forumers have reported better performance with BHP, Caltex Techron and Petronas, so I do expect to see a better performance with the mention brands.

Feb 6 2011 MA


Alza Disappointing Fuel Consumption and First Service


3 Weeks in, and I have travelled 2000km.  My Alza fuel consumption average to 12km/l.  An under expectation performance considering my previous Honda City average at 14.7km/l and Toyota Passo Sette fuel consumption claim of 15.6km/l.  Coupling with my recent drive experience, I am beginning to second guess my purchase decision.

Immediately just before the first 1000km service, I pump 28.5l and the dashboard computer display 400km range.  After service, the display changes from 400km to 300km, a 100km drop, while I only travel < 10km from the petrol pump to the service station.  The car end up giving me 295km before the Range goes blank.  The service center did not do much, just perform oil change and that’s it.  I suspect they left the engine run for a while, so much so that it drops the range from 400km to 300km.

After that, on the weekend, I had a long road trip and for the first time, pump Ron 95 instead of Ron 97 Vpower that I have been pumping since I got the car.  The Fuel Consumption increases to 13.4km/l.  I was driving 95% of the time on the highway with a total of 6 adults in the car.  The fuel consumption improves, but still fall far below expectation.

After driving for 2000km, I can say that I have fully tested the car and I find that the car fall below expectation in 3 aspect. The drivability, fuel consumption and built quality.  First with drivability, the car performs fine with 2 adults in the car, but when the load increases to 5, it fails miserably.  I was driving a group of friends to the Raya Open house at Balik Pulau, when I was going over the hilly pass through Paya Terubong, the car was struggling to climb the hill.  Not only that, it was out of breath and the acceleration/power was not consistent and often slow or way long after I needed it.  At one moment, the car fall to 30kmph climbing the hill and I floor the peddle to get it to speed up, it did nothing for a long while and then suddenly, the engine roars and the car zoom up.   I had a problem with the delay, if I was trying to overtake or something, I would be in so much trouble.  Now, knowing the car, I will never overtake while climbing the hill, cause the power or acceleration that I need are not predictable nor consistent.

The fuel consumption was disappointing as shown above, so I will not dwell much on it.  The built quality is typical of Malaysian cars.  There were a few rattling sound here and there, the Perodua Logo at the back of the car was broken (thinking of changing it to Toyota instead), the break was a little soft, not sure if this is Toyota design issue, the door slam sounds like empty tin can (seriously considering soundproofing the car), mouse squeaking sound, and when the car climb hill, there are rubber burning smell from the air condition.  All this was not address in the first service because the service center was overloaded on that day and I did not have the time to stick around for them to troubleshoot.  The mechanic told me that the soft break was normal and it was due to ABS, he said all ABS cars are like this and the smell during climb was due to Anti-Rust at the ekzos pipe under the car.  Both I could not figure out how it could contribute to the symptoms that I am seeing.  Since it was not fix, I will have to bring it in for another checkup.  This is what I dislike most owning a car, a Malaysian car, keep having to go to the service center to resolve issues with the car.


Rattling Sound

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I am ultra sensitive to rattling sounds.  When I got the car a couple of days back, there was two sources of rattling sound, especially when I go over bumps.  One came from behind, which I suspect from the tool box and the other came from the 2nd row seat on the left, which I suspect caused by the dangling seat belt.  I was right.  I open up the tool box and found that the car Jack was loose.  Tighten it up and the rattling went away.  Next was the annoying seat belt, I secure that with a clip and now, I have a rattle free cabin…

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