Starting the Year Strong

Well, 60km broken into 2 rides is hardly starting the year strong, but it is much better than 2013. I don’t remember what was I doing in the first weekend last year, but I will remember this weekend for a long time. Partly because I took the Jln Tun Sardon home for the first time, which has a grade climb up to 21.5%. I had to push the bike at some of the segments. To make it worst, I was doing the climb at 12 noon with clear blue sky. The heat and steep gradient took the breath out of me and force me to dismount and push. I am wondering if this is the hardest climb in Penang Island. Once I hit the peak, the view was rewarding, on top of that, the cooling breeze blows through the thick foliage, both calming and refreshing. The stalls at the peak were all closed, except for one uncle selling durians. I was looking forward to a cold 100plus, but I had to hold my thirst till when I get down from the hill. Going downhill was no easy task. The steep gradient means fast descent and my hands muscle hurt for pressing so much brake.

Something new that I tried today was leaving home at about 10.38am. The sun was already blazing and I wanted to see if I could get a good ride, no matter what time of the day. I was wrong, the heat got to me 10 minutes after I left home and I was battling it the entire journey. The only thing on my mind was Hot Hot Hot and Shades Shades Shades. I took a break at shady area and consume both my water bottles 3qtr into the ride. Usually in all my rides, I rarely stop, today, I have to stop at every chance I get, a short break from the heat refreshes the spirit to go further. Nevertheless, I did enjoyed the ride, even in the heat, I just tell myself not to repeat such stunts and stick to morning ride. Morning Rides are the best!…

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