Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013

KL Marathon 2013 Goodie Bag

I did not initially plan to join this Marathon as it is located in Kuala Lumpur. Fate has it, Honda was giving away free slots for the Marathon and I decided to sign myself and the lady up for the 10k run. I found out later that it was the leisure run, which has the 2hr cut off time, it was fine for us as we did not train much for the event.

We arrived on Saturday evening and checked into the Frenz hotel. The Frenz hotel was very convenient as it was just a few hundred meters away from the event. Its like waking up to a marathon that starts from your back yard. That’s just how close and cool it was to stay there.

2013 KL Marathon

As in all sports events that we joined, the night before was mostly sleepless and when the time comes, we drag ourselves out of bed and got ready. The first thing we did was to hit the local Roti Canai shop and enjoy marathon runners watching. Those full, half and 10k Sprint runners have started wee hours in the morning, and are returning. What I was amaze was that we were at the end zone, but almost all the runners look fresh and they had a fast steady pace. If it was us, we would have been panting or crawling.

2013 KL Marathon

It was only 7.30am and the mood was filled with carnival. There were drummers everywhere providing a rhythmic trance like state. We took a right turn just before the finishing line and proceed to the 10k starting point, which was located at Tugu Kebangsaan. Sharp at8am, we started running. The crowd was huge and so, it was sometime before the human traffic started to ease. We semi jog and walk based on the lady’s pace. We completed the race a few minutes just before cutoff. I was proud of the lady as she manage to finish the event within the cut off time and earn a nice shining medal to remember this time by.

The heat was getting to the lady and we skip all the sponsors tent and headed straight to the hotel room for a nice cool recuperation and much needed rest before we adjourn to Madras Lane Yong Tau Foo for lunch. We went back to Penang straight after lunch.

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