Ipoh City Fun Ride 2013

The week after CFAL 5, Ipoh City had a 50km fun ride on Sept 15, 2013. This was an Ipoh City hall initiative with Mica as the appointed event manager. This 50km ride goes through the heart and all the scenic locations within and around the city. The event caught my eye as I figure 50km ride to be a challenge right after CFAL’s 82.8km ride the week before. Looking more into what the even had to offer, not only I sign myself up, I even sign my wife up together with my KL friends. The registration fee was only RM60, it comes with an event jersey, cycling sunglass and hand warmers for ladies.

Goodie Bag

When the goodie bag was collected, I was quite surprise on the freebies inside it. There was Old Town & Kaw Kaw White Coffee sachets, Meiji Yan Yan(my childhood favourite), salonplas, bovid vitamin C and a medicated balm sample. Of all the events that I have joined, this has the most stuff in the goodie bag, and this is what I call a real goodie bag, where the bag is just filled with goodies.

For this ride, me and the lady sign up and so I decided to take it slow with her. We depart Taiping wee hours in the morning and arrived at the venue 20minutes before flag off. Jeeves and his wife were also with us on this ride. I told them not to wait for us as we are taking it slow.

Ipoh Fun Ride

After the Mayor gave his short speech, the cyclist was flag off. VIPs (include officials, sponsors, international riders, eg. Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, etc and beauty queens) were all in front. The officials and sponsors cycle a two-three person tandem bike with a huge umbrella. It sure look funny and difficult to cycle as I see many of the cyclist on these bikes going left and right along a straight road.

Beauty Queen Ipoh Fun Ride

After making a short loop around the city, we arrived at the Seenivasagam Park next to the Kinta River. We were surprise as this was also a launch event for the the Kinta River Front which was nicely made up with stalls, LED light trees and nice huge pavements for joggers and cyclist.

Kinta River Front Ipoh Fun Ride

After a short launch ceremony, we continued to the Lost World of Tambun hotspring theme park. The weather was wonderful and the lady was doing a nice 18-20kmph speed. Best of all, she was enjoying the ride.

Medic Ipoh Fun Ride

An unfortunate event happen 14km into the ride. One part of the front tyre swell up like a ballon and exploded. Yes, no drama here, it really exploded and left an inch long hole. The lady stop with me and we started to walk as there is nothing we can do.

Exploded Tyre

A few minutes later, the Sweeper truck came and we hop on. There were a few kids on the truck with a puncture as well. After changing the spare, they try to inflate the tyre but couldn’t. Their foot pump had a hole in it as well and was not delivering air to the tyre.

Sweeper Truck

We just enjoyed and waved to cyclist for the rest of the truck ride to Lost World of Tambun.┬áThe tandem bikes and the beauty queens all went onto the sweeper truck to be transported back to the main event site. We were the first to arrive at the event site and missed the rest of the ride. Jeeves later described the ride to be one of the most beautiful ride he has been. You can also see some nice photos from the blogs below that I’ve found.

Ipoh City Fun Ride Event Site

At the event site, we first went to collect our food. There was Nasi Lemak, Ice Cream, Bun, Cookie, Tambun Biscuit and a bottle of water. The ice-cream was refreshing. The event site did not have many stalls and there were nothing much to do, except for chillin in the heat, yes at this point, the sun starts to peak out and the heat starts to becomes unbearable. We seek refuge below a small tree and pretty much stayed there till the even ended. There was a handful of bikes for lucky draw. I though that with only 2k participants, I should have a better luck, I guess not.


After the event, we went to have dim sum at Ming Court Dim Sum restaurant. It was already quite late, so the choices was not that much. Jeeves went back to KL directly and we went back to Taiping for a quick stop before continuing back to Penang and retire for the day. It was overall a fun day, it was unfortunate to have the tyre burst and felt not satisfied for not completing the ride. I later found out that one of the major reason was over inflate. I remembering inflating up to the max, maybe a little more than max. As the heat starts to warm up the road, the tyre also heats up and I guess it the pressure went over the max capacity and it exploded. A lesson well learnt. Looking forward to go back for this event again next year.

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