10 promises to my dog

poster A movie about a girl and her dog.  Well, not really, the story was much more deeper than that.  If you have thought that this movie is about a girl and her dog, then you will have to watch it.  This story is about commitment, and what matters to us most.  There were a few key take away from the story for me.  The first was the father.  Realizing that he is single parenting because the wife died, the makes the well being of the daughter his priority.  He immediately quits his job when he has to disappoint his daughter because of his overzealous boss requested him back to perform a surgery that any of the other doctors could do.  He was requested just because he was the best.  Now, giving up a high level position doing what he loves most is an ultimate sacrifice.  Maybe sacrifice was not the right word.  Giving up fits better.  Giving up his dream job so that he could give his best attention to his daughter who is growing up without a mother.  Selflessness, and another perspective could be unconditional love.  On the same theme, pets often gives us the same unconditional love, but it is us human beings who just can’t shake away from placing conditions into everything, even love. 

The dog never failed to pull the family together, nor stop helping the family and friends out.  But Akari, the lead character who have had the dog for so many years, that she started to feel the burden of her commitment as she outgrew her teenage years going into adulthood.  Even then, the dog never fusses her and keep being her friend until the day the dog died, just in time for Akari to realize her 10 promises to the dog and what’s really important in life. 

In one of her promise to the dog, is to cherish the time they spent together as the dog’s life is shorter than the human life.  Not just the dog’s life, we humans always forget that our life has an expiry date in it, and sometimes this expiration date comes much earlier.  If we don’t cherish our times together now, it might be too late when we finally realize it. 

The movie was slow in pace to begin, but once the story picks up, I find myself glued to the screen.  The climax comes towards the end, where everything plays out, and we realize the essence of the move.  5 star rating from me and I recommend to watch even if it bores you in the beginning. 

Getting a Cheaper DSLR

When I was in Japan about a year ago, i found that many camera prices were rather attractive, almost 30-40% cheaper than what I would pay here in Malaysia.  But the camera language is in Japanese, and there is no option to change it to English or any other language.  There are “International” versions, but they cost the same here.  So, this got me thinking.  How about, we get the camera in Japan, and then get it refreshed with an English Firmware? Would that work?

So, I appeal to camera enthusiast out there, do you know if this works? If yes, then, the next thing to figure out is how to get a ‘friend’ to purchase one back here…

Penang to Tokyo

The trip started with the last flight of the day from Penang to Singapore.  We transit in Singapore for a IMG_8997couple of hours before boarding a midnight flight to Tokyo, Japan.  We were very excited, and sleep on the flight was scarce.  Time tickle through as we doze in and out of the cramp economy class.  As the sun broke horizon, we arrived in Tokyo, with full of excitement and little energy.  Like in many countries, in fact, in all the countries, the immigration officer rarely smile, and a huge queue greeted non-residents as we chuck our luggage towards the immigration counter.  Without any hassle, we got our entry, and off we go to get our subway pass. 

There was a special subway pass sold at a discount rate for tourist.  This special pass allow one person to go in the subway Metro line unlimited rides for two days, and all this for only 960 Yen.  There is also a single day unlimited rides that goes for 600 Yen.  This ticket can only be purchase at Narita Airport.  We purchase a few of this and off we go to our Ryokan.  It was already about 8am and we went to catch a train right from Narita to Ueno.   It was on this train we first got the impression of Japan.  The scenery looks so different from where we were from.  The land was beautiful clear blue sky, and no haze, and it was sunny.  In a distance, farm land grace the horizon with puddles of home making an honest life of the local residence.  The home design was unique and nice, and the way they park their cars was also memorable.  IMG_9001The train made a couple of stops along the way and up came school children on a field trip to Tokyo.  The entire carriage light up with a smile as the tiny little kids with bright red hats came in.  There were only a Two teaches with more than 10 child, and the passengers in the carriage keep an extra eye over the kids.  It shows how a first world modern society could function as a unit helping each other, something that we don’t see much in Malaysia these days.  Then this little kid with bloody nose that caught my attention, he seams quiet, while other of his comrades chuckling away like a busy bee, he just stares out quietly with a tissue jam up his nose with blood stains.  Its so early in the day, and he already had a lousy start, I could relate to how he feels.  We came into Ueno, and changed to a subway to Tawaramachi Station.  There, we hiked for 5 minutes to our Ryokan.  It was almost 10, and the streets were starting to heat up.  Tokyo streets are filled with walkway, at least 20 feet wide.  Cyclist also goes onto this walkway, so sometimes, full concentration are needed navigating through along a busy walkway.  Again, this was not something that we have often in Malaysia.  The bikes all goes onto the road, and we rarely has 20 feet wide walkway as well.  We arrived at Asakusa Ryokan Toukaisou and was greeted by a friendly and young lady.  We confirm our reservation and put our bags down for safe keeping as we set out to see Tokyo. 

Travel Tales one Year too Late


We have return from our trip to Japan, and it has been a year since.  I have yet to pen down any words about the trip, I have yet to put my travel log together.  It was tomorrow night one year ago that we set out to the land of the rising sun.  It was a trip plan a year in advance.  It was a promised fulfilled.  It was a dam good trip.  Up till today, we are still thinking of things and places that we have visited on this trip.  Its time to write down and publish the travel log, if not, it will be forever lost in the distance memory.  Before long, this trip will be buried in a stack of long lost trip memories.  I have to start tomorrow. 

If Jack the Ripper has a face


I know I am being mean for saying this, but this girl really creeps me out. If you dont believe me, check out her youtube blog. The big eyes staring at you, without any words… kinda reminds me of the Puss n’ Boots of Shrek. Wide eyes staring at you, and you go like awwe… Bam! and your heads roll on the floor.. That how I imagine being ended by Magibon