Campaign for a Lane 3

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Sept 11, 2011, I did not make it to round island. After months of training, on this faithful even, I was down with fever. I later found out I had dengue. It must have been one of my training trip where I got the mosquito bite. I did attend the event, only after the rain, which is about 10am. I cycled from Gurney to the finishing line. Went to get my medal, waited till the Lucky Draw and went home empty handed.

Training for Round Island

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7 weeks since I bought my Fixie, I have yet to be ready for the 2011 Campaign for a Lane Round Island ride. The ride is almost 80km long and need to complete it within 5 hours. Half the round island journey is hilly and this is my biggest challenge on a Fixie. I am training my legs to climb climb climb and also to be able to slow down on a downhill. So far, I have not bee able to go beyond 11km in my training and with 41 days to go, its crunch time. Maybe my solution is this Two speed Fixie, yes, the world first two speed fixie from Bedovelo (Swiss).


Hit 22.4km/hr On My Fixie Today


The weather was excellent today, after yesterday’s rain, the haze was gone and the sun was blazing all day long. By 5.30pm, I started to pack my stuff and head for my bike.  The guard keep asking, “You Cycle hari ini ka?”, Ya, I said, and he ask again, and Ya I said, and he ask again, and then he finish off by saying “Bagus la, kurang jam, jika semua orang macam kau, memang tak ada jam”. I smiled and head towards the evening.  I started the Runkeeper and my music library fires up.  Started strong, but careful as the traffic right in FIZ were as heavy as it gets.  The sun was still shining, but the breeze from cycling balances it off.  Comfortably leaving the FIZ 1 area, I pick up my speed. A little ambitious and my tie started to hurt. 

I keep on pushing and without realizing, I am more than half way through to my destination.  I decided to take the longer route and soon regrets it as the pain started to take toll. Almost reaching my destination, my phone rang, damm, office number. Nothing tomorrow can’t settle. Reaching my wife’s office, it was 22 minutes after.  To my surprise, runkeeper reports only 3.9km, and I took 22 minutes for this short distance, I could not compute. I thought I pushes hard and cover a lot of ground. Later when I plot the route on Google Map, I found that the actual distance is 8.2km, and at 22 minutes, I have been traveling at 22.4km/hr, highest average speed so far, and this is more like it.  Must have been my colleague call that screws up runkeeper. My iPhone 3GS could not answer call and run GPS app at the same time, this must be the reason.

I receive the GUB Classic helmet that I bought from bicyclehelmet (by Thomas Hon).  Thomas was very responsive on queries and after a quick negotiation, I paid him and he ships me the helmet on Tuesday.  I received it today, 2 days later.  Great service, affordable, satisfied.

Photo Jun 16, 8 26 20 PM

Runkeeper my Cycling Tour


Touring on my Fixie with Runkeeper keeps me abreast on the speed that I am on and the distance that I have travelled.  On top of that, I get to map where I’ve been and shares it on Facebook.  Best of all, Runkeeper is free.  I check out some of the other Cycling Apps on IOS and found the best one is free.  Runkeeper provide my basic need, showing the elevation, speed and also my calories burnt.  Its just a fun way to map where I’ve been. 

I check out a new route today and found an alternative road to take when the Bayan Lepas town traffic light is Jam.  This route cut from Caltex all the way to the Airport, right at Brothers Barber intersection.  Its not a good bike route because of the many bumps that mark the road along the way.  I did not even bother to count, just too many. 

I did 7.3km today with a 19m climb, not much of a climb, but since I just started, it was quite taxing for my legs. I was quite beat after the climb.  Tomorrow’s route will be without elevation, so it is going to be about speed, what would be my top speed and what’s the average…

Can’t live without Cycling

After I bought my Fixie a couple of days back, I could not get off my mind cycling to work. I’ve got the urge to hop on the bike and ride all the time. When I got the chance yesterday evening, I went exploring the neighbouring kampung. Today, I went looking for an alternative route to work. Halfway on the route I was quite tired. The fear of not having enough energy to get back kicks in and I made a u turn. At this point the muscle pain on the leg sets in and I am not sure if I will be able to walk tomorrow.

On the bike yesterday and today brings out the joy of cycling. Fixie or fixed bike is very different from my previous bikes. It keep reminding me that I am not on a normal bike, especially coming to corners where I have to slow down. I have to use my led muscle to slow down and it’s something I have got used to. I still haven’t learnt to skid, maybe because of my front brake which I keep putting skiding off.

Riding on my Fixie to work is like living a lifestyle dream. I have yet to make it as a sustainable lifestyle, but I am getting there. I’ve got the hardware and the will, what’s left is just living through it…


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