Canadian runner accidentally runs full marathon and wins the race

I have always believe that if we take a way the constraints that the mind set for ourselves, we would be able to achieve wonders. In this case, Meredith Fitzmaurice was in the Zone, and was chasing her time of Half Marathon on her watch. She did not know she was doing Full Marathon, she thought she was doing half marathon and all she did was just ran, and chasing the time on her watch for the half marathon and she took the wrong turn that ends her up to the Full Marathon. She did not had the constraint of thinking of running a full marathon and all the “No, I can’t Do It” nay sayers that came with it. Kudos to her achievements. Now, how do I trick myself into doing this also, without letting the conscious mind know what the unconscious mind been up to?

Canadian runner accidentally runs full marathon instead of half marathon, wins race anyway | National Post.

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